The whole of the concert of silence with the exposition consisted of an exhibition of the Last Supper and the Last Judgement, art works of Martijn Duifhuizen and the performance 'Sei still mein Herz', with three horns and a choir organ, a composition of Kees Wisse. Also some pieces of Sebastian Bach were performed on the choir organ.
Performance and exhibition took place in the Sint-Janskerk in Gouda on 24 May 2012, a space with substantial measurements and 'breathing' accoustic. The visitor could find himself in a silence space. Physical but also mental.

The music 'Sei still mein Herz' is played in a world where everything is slower than usual. The listener is not entertained, nor are there any alienating and shocking experiences. Moreover it is a mindful exercise, or if one prefers a 'meditation'.

In the space of time silence also does his work. The space of time is substantial: The composition lasts about 40 minutes.The listener gradually concentrates in a slow moving sober musical omniverse. Concentration can also mean: Being together around the center. Next to the musical center there was a physical center: A work of art of almost seven meters wide in which the Last supper is represented. And an installation of the Last Judgement. The works are of minimalistic nature. Only pure gold and black dust play a role. Gold as reference to figures and the black as meditative componenent. The audience could listen, watch and experience completely as an abstract piece of art. This evening was meant to be the official opening of the exhibition and the premiere of 'Sei still mein Herz'. The exhibition was shown for a long time.

What is so special about this project?

The combination of visual art and music leads to a kind of 'integral meditation'. It offers a counterbalance to the 'hunting of the economic clock'. In our culture there is a latent need to unwind and experiences that meet the decline of religion. Furthermore Christianity is also looking for expressions of vitality of its own tradition. The level of abstraction of music and visual art offers a broad entrance for a diverse audience.

CV Kees Wisse

As a composer Kees Wisse follows the dual talent route. He is active as a composer. He received compositional lessons from Egmont Swaan, Bart Visman and Daan Manneke. In 1997 he won the third price on the 'Hinsz-Organcomposition' competition in Kampen with 'Varations on Haarlem 1996'. Kees is a member of het Genootschap van Nederlandse Componisten (GeNeCo; The Fellowship of Dutch Composers).
In his music renewal gets embodied by merging elements from the classical music and the avant-garde of the 20th century. In connection with his Christian faith, religion takes a natural place in his compositions.
His work is performed on the Bach- and Mozart festival in Woerden, The Festival Nieuwe Muziek Utrecht and in Orgelpark Amsterdam. Recordings of earlier work are available on request.

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