A beautiful Greek Orthodox icon from the Byzantine tradition of Jesus Christ the Great High Priest.

The Lord Almighty sits on a throne as the Ruler of the universe, and in His left hand He holds an opened Gospel. With His right hand He blesses, the fingers of His hand forming the Greek letters 'IC XC', which is the abbreviation for 'Jesus Christ'. On the four corners of the throne are symbolically represented the Four Evangelists: Matthew as a young man, Mark as a lion, Luke as an ox, and John as an eagle. All four have wings to portray their angelic nature and all carry Gospel books.Christ is wearing the robes, the crown or miter, and the stole of bishops as they vest in church during the Divine Liturgy. Christ is the Great High Priest of His Church.

This icon inspired me to make this embroidery. The back of the artwork is also visible.

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