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You are the artist!
No, you are the artist!
No, you!

One of the first times after an operation on Duifhuizen’s right thumb, the trauma surgeon said, as a result to his astonishment about the fact that in a way you have to make difficult and snap decisions as an operating physician: 'What we are doing is also art, only we miss the audience.' On 16 March 2016 the physician indicated that Martijn probably did not have to come back. Martijn said: 'than you have to sign your work. He smiled, put his glasses right and wrote his initials on his thumb. On 9 November Martijn handed him his piece of art with the title 'the hand of the artist'. When he looks at the work he may draw the conclusion: that is my hand, of my hand. I am the artist. When Martijn looks at the work he thinks: 'that is my hand, the hand of the artist.'

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