Photo: Mary Brommer Photography

There are two ‘golden’ bowls collecting water (Ø120 and Ø150 cm). Two forms of water can be seen: the water itself and the sky and clouds in the atmosphere.
The bowls are gold colored, made of anodized aluminum and very durable. The water in the bowls refers to its preciousness. Without water, no life is possible. At the same time, it makes us wonder where the water goes. Water evaporates, a natural process in the cycle. But we also face climate change and increasing drought. All of creation is suffering. This seems irreversible.
Therefore, as a sign of hope, the two bowls form the number eight, a reference to the eighth day, a new beginning. This day is not only the day the Church celebrates Jesus' resurrection, but also the day to come, a time of consummation, re-creation.


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