Desire & Joy

On Saturday evening 19 March 2022 ‘Sei still Mein Herz’ will be performed again. Ten years ago, this work premiered with an exhibition of the 'Last Supper' and the 'Last Judgment'. Another 'silence concert', now in the context of the exhibition 'Believe in Happiness' in Haarlem. The 'Last Supper' can also be seen here, and a premiere can be heard. Kees Wisse wrote a new composition especially for 'Believe in Happiness': 'Desire & Joy'.
You will get the chance to experience this unique concert in Sint Bavo Cathedral in Haarlem. This great venue has excellent acoustics.

Bert van Stam (organ), Bas Duister, Ferdi Seelbach and Hans de Munnik (trumpet)

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Ever been happy dancing on ear shattering music? In this concert we are looking for happiness in silence, away from all noise. Immerse yourself in the 'silence music' of coposer Kees Wisse. Just sit? That’s okay, but you don’t have to. Listen while you are walking under  The starry sky of Simone de Groot, leaning against a pillar or mesmerizing at ‘the Last Supper’ of Martijn Duifhuizen. Three trumpets, the organ and newly composed silence music for 'Believe in Happiness' will take you on your journey.

Here you can read more about the silence concert and exposition in 2012, Sint-Janskerk, Gouda.

Here you van read more about the exposition ‘Believe in Happiness', Sint Bavo cathedral, Haarlem

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Kathedrale Basiliek St. Bavo
Leidsevaart 146, 2014 HE Haarlem

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