John Exalto

During the exhibition 'The Dutch Biblebelt' different interesting readings and activities are organized. One of them is a reading about 'Reformed Saints' of Jan Exalto. It is very special that he is having this reading, as two years ago I added this 'Reformed Saint' Jan Exalto to the piece of art 'communio sanctorum'.

communio sanctorium crescit

The spreading of 'communio sanctorium'. If you look at this card you will find that more people are an owner of 'communio sanctorum'. Since 2017 this 'New Reformation' is spreading gradually to Belgium, Great-Brittain… Where since 1517 people turned their back on others, people are meeting each other again in 'communio sanctorum' since 2017. As in 1517 people were opposed, now people are aligned within the piece of art.

opening exhibition

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