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It was on the first of November, one day later than 31 October, now two years ago that I, Martin Cornelis Duifhuizen, brought my work ‘communio sanctorum’ into position as a ‘New Reformation’. In 1517 a certain Martin knocked on the door, in 2017 again a certain Martin knocked on the door. In the former case I am talking about Luther, in the latter case about Duifhuizen.
Since 1517 things have changed such as the scheme below that you could see at the exhibition ‘Bij ons in de Biblebelt’, Museum Catharijneconvent in Utrecht.

schema bij tentoonstelling in Museum Catharijneconvent Utrecht 2019

I think such a scheme is a cause for concern and still it is continuously branching. You should tilt the scheme in thoughts. The lines run like connections and all the denominations get a vertical line. Was that not what drove them to the innermost? Let us hope so. That way ‘communio sanctorum’ is embedded.

schema (gekanteld) bij tentoonstelling in Museum Catharijneconvent Utrecht 2019

Ida Gardina Margaretha Gerhardt...
Antonius Petrus Lambertus Bodar...
Jakob van Bruggen...
Nikolaas Edmond Maria Sintobin...
Feike Pieter Asma...

Just five names from the present and the past, that got a place in the work of art ‘communio sanctorum’. Reformed-Catholics, Reformed, Catholics, or should I say: Christians.
I thought it was comforting and liberating that during the exhibition ‘Bij ons in de Biblebelt’ there was also place for 1000 Christians from the present and the past.

For instance Ida, Antoine, Jaap, Nikolaas en Feike.

As you can see these five names are on one row, one line.
Christianity is far more than the Biblebelt!
We are writing Anno Domino 2019 and ask you to participate in the continuation and distribution of this ‘New Reformation’.
In 1517 Luther took 95 in position. Duifhuizen brought one work of art (series of work) in position.
Jacob among others received a copy. A particular correspondence started. Talking about communion!
You can take position to contemplate ‘communio sanctorum’ and to buy a sample of this work, perhaps with your own name (and Christian name) in it.

It has been long enough ‘we-them’.
It is with mutual respect for the differences, time for ‘we’, for what ‘connects’, for ‘communion’, for ‘communio sanctorum’.

See how this communion is spreading slowly in Europe.

Click here for detailed information about 'communio sanctorum'.

A sample of 'communio sanctorum' was previously shown in Museum Gouda and Museum Catharijneconvent Utrecht.

Museum Catharijneconvent Utrecht 2019

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