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JUNE 2019 - newsletter 81

Recently my totally renewed website went online. The website has been designed in the non-colours as much as possible. On the home page you can find four items repeatedly: four works, four expositions and four news items. If you e.g. click on visual work you can find more information about all my visual art chronologically.
You can find all my visual art from 2004. This is not applied to the expositions and the news items. These will be updated in the near future.

This website has been realised in close cooperation with Rik de Regt. He has performed an amazing job.

Hizkia van Kralingen

… supplies services to museums and private collectors in the field of logistics, art transport and managing the collection. At the beginning of May I visited the company in The Hague. What appealled to me most is the due diligence and the customer service.
If you decide to purchase a bigger piece of art, you do not have to be afraid about the transport, the packaging, the putting up the art or what so ever.
Within the Netherlands I personally come to you concerning smaller pieces of art so you can see my work yourself. You only have to pay for my travel expenses. If you decide to buy a piece of art, consider KunstKoop as one of the possibilties as I am an artist, who is affiliated to  Gallery 9, Amsterdam. 

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