The Dutch Biblebelt

WHEN: Jul 7 - Sep 22
WHERE: Museum CatharijneconventLange Nieuwstraat 38, Utrecht
INTERESTING: lectures and activities, 'The Dutch Biblebelt'

Both 'the crucifixion' and 'communio sanctorum' can be seen during the exhibition, 'The Dutch Biblebelt', 10 July - 22 September 2019

The work 'the crucifixion' is completely white, also the room in which it hangs in the museum is completely white. In this 'white chapel' you can listen to the work 'one divided by zero' of Kees Wisse. He composed almost 12 minutes of music on 'the crucifixion' on just three notes.

The Crucifixion of Jesus has been a well known theme in the European art for many centuries. Martijn Duifhuizen has applied this old theme in his abstract and minimalistic work of art. The three panels form a golden rectangle. The left panel and the middle panel form a square together with the distance between these panels. The distance of the edges matches with the distance between the separate panels. The architectural measuring system 'Le Modulor' of Le Corbusier has also been used: 226 centimeters… the length of the human body with the arm laid stretched out. The middle panel “Jesus” is solid white. The crucified men on either side are painted white horizontally. The edges in the panels of the fellow crucified symbolize what is written in the Bible: The one on the left side of Jesus dies in contrary on the one on the right side, who surrenders himself to God.

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